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This is where we add some of the kind words that we’ve been honored with from our customers, both buyers, and sellers regarding the ways we’ve been able to positively affect their lives.  It’s always been our mission to help people achieve their dreams.  Helping families sell their house fast that’s become a problem property or situation for them or, buy a home for their family that they didn’t think they could buy because of credit or other issues is just a great way to do that.

TMC Property Solutions takes great pride in providing the best customer service possible.  If we’ve helped you in the past, please drop us an e-mail and we’ll add your words here so that others can feel good about entrusting us with their needs, hopes and dreams.  See what others say about our services below and please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have or if you have a difficult buying or selling situation you need our help with.   Thank you.

From:  Muhammad J
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  2 July 2016

Tim assisted me in purchasing my first home and made it a very smooth experience for me. He was very knowledgeable and guided me on the right path. Due to my low credit score, I was not able to secure a loan in my name but he suggested I could go for owner finance with TMC Property Solutions and then refinance when my credit gets better, and next thing I know I was a happy homeowner. They are fair and honest in their dealings and I would strongly recommend them.

Muhammad J

From:  Jonathan and Iris A
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  21 April 2016

Working with TMC Property Solutions was the best decision we made. Thanks to Tim and his team at TMC Property Solutions, we were able to stop our house from going to foreclosure and damaging our credit. We had lost our local jobs, accepted a new job out of state, and were in default several months, heading towards foreclosure fast! We did not want to have a foreclosure on our credit for the next several years. Tim was able to create a solution and stop the foreclosure the day before the sale date, even though the house needed some minor repairs. Tim completed everything he said he would and made the process simple and easy to understand. We are very pleased with TMC Property Solutions and their professionalism for helping us stop our house from foreclosure!

We would highly recommend Tim and TMC Property Solutions for anyone needing to sell their house fast to prevent foreclosure or any other circumstances!

Jonathan & Iris A.

From:  Marcia Lisa B
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  21 April 2016

I want to thank TMC Property Solutions for the quick sale of my home. It was a smooth transition with no strings attached. Walked through each step of the process with knowledge of what will take place. Closing wrapped up in about 2 weeks. Check deposited. Freedom from debt. Thanks again for your help!

Marcia (Lisa)

From:  Bill F
To: TMC Property Solutions
Date:  4 March 2016

inherited a property in Granbury Texas and wanted to sell it quickly and get the matter resolved. I did not want to have to worry about more costs and expenses. That’s when I decided to reach out to Tim at TMC Property Solutions. Thanks to Tim, Erika and his team at TMC Property Solutions, they were able to help me and take over my payments on my house with no hassle. Tim completed everything he said he would and made the process quick, simple and easy to understand. I am highly satisfied with TMC Property Solutions and their professionalism for helping me get through my situation. I’m also thankful for Tim taking the time to explain the process, which was very simple, for taking the time to answer my questions and to help support me and my needs. I would highly recommend TMC Property Solutions for anyone needing to sell a house fast!


From:  Jim and Lee R
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  19 Sept 2015

My wife and I purchased our new home recently. Closing on our new home was a catastrophe, it took 12 weeks!!! Although this was completely due to the finance company, we did not want to chance another drawn out affair and the thought of making house payments on a home we did not live in until it sold was troubling. I had seen Tim’s truck from TMC Property Solutions around town so I called him out of the blue. He quickly responded to me with several offers and we came to an agreement on the spot. There was always an open line of communication and we were kept updated at all times. After the first meeting, we closed in short order. I feel that Tim along with the work of his very pleasant team saved us several thousands of dollars that we would have spent on mortgage payments, electricity, water, taxes, etc. TMC Property Solutions comes highly recommended by us.

Jim and Lee R

From:  Barak A
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  7 Aug 2015

Recently my wife and I purchased our dream home. After a series of life circumstances we could no longer afford to keep up and soon fell behind on our mortgage payments. We were headed to foreclosure but thanks to Tim and his team at TMC Property Solutions, they were able to help us avoid foreclosure and sell our house very fast. Tim made it amazingly easy to understand the process from start to finish and then completed everything he said he would, in a very short time. We are very pleased with TMC Property Solutions and their professional service, Tim’s team went well above in keeping me informed on everything and since I was out of state they did everything possible to make this process as headache free as possible. Tim took the time to help support our family and our needs. We highly recommend TMC Property Solutions for anyone needing to sell a house fast!

Barak A

From:  Pat H
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  20 April 2015

Dear Mr. Cook,

Earlier this year I purchased a home from your company on the west side of Fort Worth. I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate all of the help and support that you gave me which allowed me to purchase this home. The home is a dream come true for me and has greatly improved the quality of my life. I am convinced that your diligence and willingness to help out in any way that you could make it possible for me to be living in this lovely home. I also appreciate your quick response to any questions that I have had or any small issues that have come up even after living in the home for several months. Not once in this whole process have I ever received anything but quick, kind and courteous help from TMC Property Solutions.

Thank you for all of your help and support,

Pat H

From:  Alberto R
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  15 April 2015

We have worked with TMC Property Solutions on several occasions, and as Realtors, we have seen this company provide real results for buyers and sellers in both conventional and unconventional situations. When rehabilitating homes for sale, they execute thoughtful, quality workmanship, paying close attention to the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the property. When confronted with those in difficult financial situations, they work hard to provide innovative solutions to help people accomplish their goal of either selling or buying a home. Bottom line, they do what they say and always in a professional and honest manner.


From:  Ryan and Judith C
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date: 15 Dec 2013

Our experience in buying a home with Mr. Cook and TMC Property Solutions was, in a nutshell, refreshing. Our past experience in home buying has been trying, stressful and completely overwhelming.  We found our property in a beautiful neighborhood and instantly fell in love. Mr. Cook promptly arranged a viewing and was extremely accommodating to my family.  The actual purchase of the house catered to our needs; from the viewing to the closing took less than a month and was literally stress-free. Our home was spotless and move-in ready.  Mr. Cook did the footwork for us to where all we had to do was pack and move.

I would say the best part of the experience was that Mr. Cook gave us a chance when no one else would. He worked with us, having less than favorable credit due to our daughter’s medical condition, and placed us in a home we never thought we could have. Throughout the process, Mr. Cook became a part of our family and our story. Because of him, we will be able to provide our children with a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood; we will also be able to get back on our feet and build our credit with his credit counseling program.

Our family cannot thank Mr. Cook and TMC Property Solutions enough for the future that he has given to us. We are indebted and forever grateful.

Ryan and Judith C

From:  Clint and Melissa H
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date: 15 Jan 2013

Hi Tim!

Hope you are well.  I highly recommend working with Tim at TMC Property Solutions in Weatherford TX to purchase a home.
While I was working overseas, he helped me every step of the way and was available to answer any questions
or concerns I had about buying a house.  It could have been stressful considering I was buying a house sight unseen
from the other side of the world, but there were no problems whatsoever.  Tim provided all the details I asked for,
answered my questions and provided all the pictures, video and information I needed to make me comfortable with
purchasing our home without seeing it first.  It was an efficient and easy process.

Happy New Year!
Clint and Melissa
Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:07 PM
To: Tim
Subject: RE: Denbury Mortgage Payoff

Some years ago, my wife and I were transferred back to Okinawa.  Our main
concern was the house we had in Ft. Worth Tx.  We were put in contact with
TMC Property Solutions and arrangements were made to handle the property.  We felt
secured in our decision and have no regrets whatsoever.  It was the best
choice we made.  TMC Property Solutions took over the payments and not once, missed a
payment or was late. They did what we were told they would do.  My wife and I highly
recommend them to anyone who needs a professional business to handle their property needs.

Ed & Kathy Dunn
Okinawa, Japan
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 10:57 AM
To: Cassie Wenzel
Subject: RE: Testimonial letter 🙂

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote…

TMC Property Solutions helped us tremendously. We have wanted to become a homeowner for some time. Due to some small credit issues, we were struggling w/ the ability to purchase a home. Although we were taking the necessary steps to improve our credit, this can take some time. TMC Property Solutions helped us get into a home via owner finance, allowing us time to finish paying off our debts and get our credit score up to the 620 score we need to refinance the loan. They were easy to communicate with and always very helpful with any questions we had. I would highly recommend if you have a home you want to sell, or if you want to become a homeowner! We are so happy to be in our new home and this would not be possible without TMC Property Solutions!!

Thank you
11 April 2011

From:  John

I lost my wife in November 2010. I decided not to stay in the house where we lived and my daughter and her family decided to sell their house also so we could purchase a new home and move in together. We signed up with “I Buy North Texas Homes” and moved to the new home. My home had been placed on a new website and it was noticed by a prospective buyer. While I was moving my furniture out of the house, this person stopped by the house to ask if it were for sale. She came in and looked around and loved the house. She came back that evening with her husband and both decided to make an offer. Thanks to the I Buy North Texas Homes website and the work by Tim Cook, the house sold and will close on April 29th. I appreciate the good work by Tim Cook and especially appreciate the day I saw his truck and wrote down the website and phone number. I highly recommend his help, especially if you need to sell quickly.

Hope this helps Tim.

John H

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101 Summit Ave., Ste. 707
Fort Worth, TX 76102-5978  USA
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March 19, 2010


re: Liz Konecki,   case #3C85-372%


Enclosed is a letter from the above-referenced consumer. This communication is being sent to you as a courtesy. We are not requesting a response from you; however, you may wish to communicate with your consumer as a customer service.

Consumer Compliment:

Tim came out, looked at our parents home, made an offer, took care of all of the details and closed within 4 weeks.  He kept us informed and guided us through the process-title, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Diana Terry
Dispute Resolution Customer Service Coordinator


14 Aug 09

I am very pleased with the services TMC Property Solutions Inc. performed in closing/settling with the companies that held liens against my property.  I would recommend them to anyone that was facing the problems I was.

Pat T

10 July 2009

Hi Tim,

So sorry it took me a long time…but I’ve been a little sick these days don’t want to do anything…so I apologize, I tried to post on your website but didn’t find were to…so here we go:

After a really stressful year, trying to qualify for a house and being turn down several times because of our past credit history, we got to met with Tim Cook who was so helpful as well as a receptive listener and always available to answer our questions and to work with us.

We are really glad that he was able to assist us and make this whole process so painless.

We are FOREVER THANKFUL Tim and want to let you know how happy we are with our house. We couldn’t ask for anything better. THANKS THANKS THANKS.

Edwin and Grace
From:    Randy
Sent:    Sunday, November 02, 2008 9:44 PM
To:    Tim Cook
Subject:    RE: Springway Testimonial


To all Military members, home buyers and home sellers,

I was stationed at JRB Ft. Worth for 3 years with the Marine Corps until I got orders for
recruiting in 2006.  My wife and I had been trying to sell our home for 6 months before our
move and had no luck.  We considered renting out our home but with being 14 hours away
from Ft Worth that was no longer an option.  I gave Tim a call and in a matter of 3 days our
Housing problem was solved and we no longer had to worry about losing what we worked so
hard for.  Tim had taken care of everything with our home.  Of course, we were a little
skeptical at first but we had the freedom to call Tim any time with any questions.  We also
had the ability to check our monthly payments to see that they had been paid on time.  All
payments had been made before or on the due date.

Tim Cook provided excellent and professional service for our home and we had a peace of
mind when we had to PCS.  I know he will help you and your Family have a peace of mind
as well.

SSgt Randy Erpelding
United States Marine Corps 1995-present
From:    Jody
Sent:    Tuesday, October 14, 2008 9:30 AM
To:    Tim
Subject:    RE: Congratulations

My wife and are very pleased with TMC properties, our interactions with Tim as well as our home!
We were given the opportunity to own a beautiful home, even with a few problems on our credit.
Having never purchased a home before, the closing was a breeze and Tim could not have been more
helpful with everything. We followed the plan outlined by the services Tim recommended for
assisting our credit rebuilding and have successfully refinanced our house. We will definitely
recommend him to anyone needing a house or needing to sell theirs. Tim, you have helped us
realize the dream of owning our own home and for that, we are truly grateful.

Jody and Kim W
November 17, 2006
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Mr. Cook:
We would like to take a moment to THANK YOU and your staff for the work you have done to get us into our new home, you made the process great and talked us through it all. We knew our credit has bumps and bruises and were very nervous about applying for it due to that fact, but you guys said to give it a try and worked with us. The help is still coming, now you are helping so we can improve our credit. I couldn’t believe that from the day we saw the house to the day we could move in was less than a week. The house is beautiful and a real blessing it has been for our new family. We tell people about your company and even if they think they can’t own a beautiful home to give you guys a try; I bet they will be surprised like we were.

Douglas & MaryAnn
From:    Rachel
Sent:    Tuesday, September 19, 2006 12:45 AM
To:    TMC Property Solutions, Inc.
Subject:    Re: testimonial

Your company was a life saver in the situation we thought was hopeless. We were
transferring and we had this house we had to get rid of or else we would be stuck making
payments on two homes. Just as I thought our financial life was over, I came across a
post-it note advertisement for your company at the bank. I knew it had to be a sign.
Anyways, I called the number and I received immediate assistance. Granted, we didn’t
get to sell our house on our terms, but we did find a way to get rid of it quickly and easily
so that we could have peace of mind. Thanks for your time, promptness, and

Rachel and David
Sent:    Sunday, July 16, 2006 2:02 PM
Subject:    Testimony


Sorry this has taken so long.

“Plano, TX – June 2006 – Tim Cook was a blessing.  Having just gone through a divorce
plus being transferred out of Texas, I was not in a position to, financially, either sell or
rent my house.  With me halfway across the United States, Tim was able to sell my
house with minimal loss to me and prevented my credit from being damaged.  Tim
Cook is an honest and forthright gentleman!  Thanks, Tim for your assistance!  John”

Also, I saw your example on your website of John and Mary; looks familiar! (ha ha)  Let
me know if the testimony above is OK; it not, we can make changes.  Again, thanks!


March 2005 – Trying to rent a home while working over sea’s can be very difficult and frustrating.  However, after being introduced to Tim Cook the task became a great deal easier.  Communications between us was very easy and what problems I thought I would have were looked at by Mr. Cook as concerns and the concerns eliminated.  I would recommend Mr. Cook to anyone trying to buy, sell, or rent their home or property.  If he handled the issues I had from 8,000 miles away, I am sure he can handle anyones.

Ed Dunn

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

Okinawa, Japan

Fort Worth, TX – August 2004 – I was looking to buy a home but was not very knowledgeable on the in’s and out’s of things.  Then my luck changed when I meet Tim Cook.  He helped me in so many ways.  He helped me to get into the house I wanted.  He also showed me how to get a loan as well.  Thanks Tim.


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with the service you provided us.

I am retiring from the USMC soon, and can now move back home.

We would have been stuck with trying to sell/rent our house here in Fort Worth, for who knows how long. With the real-estate market being what it is today, the waiting to find tenants or buyer would not work out in our best financial interests. Not to mention getting my children enrolled in the new schools, in time to start the activities they enjoy.

Your service freed us from the financial obligation of our existing mortgage payments, which allowed us to finance and purchase a home in Florida.

I will recommend you to anyone!

Semper Fi

Bo Lancaster

My wife and I have been very pleased with TMC properties and our interaction with Tim. Our circumstances may be like others who are trying to rebound and get their financies in order while still providing a quality place to live for our family. TMC properties not only aided us in aquiring this home but referred us to a trusted credit counseling company to improve our credit score. For that we are very grateful.


Carey and Ruth Smith Family

After deciding to move back to where we moved from, we decided to sell our home.  But, we were very afraid that we wouldn’t be able to sell it.  And we wouldn’t have, without the help of Tim Cooke.  We talked to Tim and worked out a deal, and within 3-4 months the home sold.  My loan was paid in full!  We were very impressed with the way everything worked out!  My loan is now paid off and I didn’t have to do any work!  TMC PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, INC. did everything!

Thanks Tim,

Laurie Hellums

We Have Owner Financed Homes and Rental Homes in DFW Available For You! Regardless Of Bad or NO Credit.

owner financed homes in dfw
Owner financing is a great way to get into a home when bank financing just won’t work. Learn more…

If you’re tired of renting, and you want to own a home in DFW but your credit, lack of down payment, or income is holding you back from qualifying for a normal bank loan. We can help you!.

We specialize in helping DFW residents become homeowners through our DFW Owner Financed Homes Program. This means there are no banks involved.

If you can’t secure conventional financing, no worries! TMC Property Solutions offers great homes in and around DFW.

We are an alternative to buying a home the traditional way. You do not need to have perfect credit and we offer payments to fit your budget.

You are not renting the property or renting to own. You are buying it without the bank.

Want to know when the best properties hit the market?

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What Are The Types Of Homes In DFW We Offer With Owner Financing and Rentals?

owner financed homes in DFW
Our local owner financing homes are move-in ready, in good neighborhoods, and often freshly updated. Inquire with us on this site for available properties.

We are a local real estate company that offers our properties to deserving families with a reasonable down payment and the ability to pay a monthly payment comparable to rent.

The types of houses we tend to offer on our Owner Financed Homes in DFW Program include…

  • 2 bedroom – 4 bedroom homes
  • 1,400 – 2,500 square feet
  • Updated kitchens and bathrooms
  • Often times many upgrades
  • They could be any size, style, condition

Each home is different, so there’s definitely the perfect home out there for you.

Our homes range in price and typically require a down payment of 10-20% to purchase. We have found that this is the best price range to find homes that are in decent neighborhoods where people want to own a home and raise a family.

Advantages Of Owner Financed Homes in DFW

  1. Closing Process Is Faster
  2. Closing Cost Is Lower
  3. Downpayment Can Be Flexible

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page →

How Does Our Program Work Anyway?

It’s easier than you think – and we can help. The process is really pretty straightforward.

We finance the property for you with what is called a “land contract” or “contract for deed”. This is very common and every closing is handled by a state-licensed attorney or authorized signing service, just like any other real estate transaction. So you can rest assured that everything is handled professionally.

You will also be responsible for the taxes and insurance just like any other homeowner. We can, however, escrow taxes and insurance for you if you like to help you budget for these expenses. Sometimes it is a requirement for approval.

One of the best things about buying a home this way is that you do not have to deal with banks and qualify based on your credit. You can start building equity right away and stop paying rent.

Step 1: Submit your info on this website to create a FREE account and let us know the type of house you’re looking for.

Step 2: We’ll look at your situation, the type of property you’re looking for, and show you your options here in DFW.

Step 3: View the local DFW homes that fit what you’re looking for.

We seek to only buy properties that are move-in ready or close to move-in ready. For this reason, we do not typically make any improvements to the property prior to offering it to deserving families. All properties are sold “as is where is”. So it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make any necessary repairs and to inspect the property thoroughly prior to purchase. We recommend getting a home inspection prior to purchase.

Plus, as we acquire new properties each month, as long as you’re on our Owner Financing Home List, you’ll get email alerts with the latest properties available.

START below and see our available Homes in DFW!

Accredited Business and A+ Rated Members of the Fort Worth BBB

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